May 30, 2016 Thurnham Teece

To give AND to receive

To Give and To Receive

As I glided down the elevator in the Sydney shopping centre my eyes were drawn to two blond probably 6 year old twin girls-blond blue eyes and beautiful. Ah yes, Elsa and Anna of course. Then I realised I’d been spending too much time marketing Disney on Ice. The little beauties were in fact poster girls for the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal. They wore the distinctive red pinnies and held matching donation buckets. There was no chance to do ‘eeny meeny’, after all who could favour one sister over another? I certainly know Disney wouldn’t.

So of course my choice was easy. Donate to both. As I turned the corner another Salvo’s volunteer, an older gentleman and not quite so cute approached me. I said ’the twins back there just got me-to which he said-yeah, they’re good aren’t’ they’ A nice marketing coup for a very worthwhile cause

It led me to ponder the not for profit space in which I increasingly find my company working. We have just finished promoting Macular Degeneration Awareness Week nationally. As a nation we are all increasingly cynical of the media, and after the latest 60 minutes debacle it’s hard to feel warm and fuzzily inclined toward them. But on reviewing the awareness and PR gained last week, from all media sectors I must say I’m overwhelmed with the generosity of large and small publications. Yes it an important health message-macular degeneration affects 1 in 7 Australians and is the leading cause of blindness and severe vision loss in Australia. It is worthy of publicity. But with so many very important health and charity messages each and every week, I’m delighted by the professionalism of so many media outlets. And I’d like to give a plug to regional journalists, especially in regional television. A young and highly talented young woman at WIN Wollongong went over and above to bring a professional and personal story to her viewers.


So it’s pretty good to give and to receive

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